Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy works both ways.

As a rider, you own the decision to take a ride or not. Snap-E Cabs provides information to riders prior to starting a ride, such as:

•    Pricing and other estimates in the app like an upfront price and the estimated time of arrival

•    Vehicle and driver details like license plate, driver name, and vehicle type

You may cancel a ride at any time through the Snap-E Cabs app but a cancellation fee may be charged in certain situations as mentioned below. Cancellation fees pay for the time and effort we spend getting to your location.

For Non-advance booking, ride requests are to be made near the pick-up location and only when you are ready to begin your ride. This ensures a minimal waiting time for the cars, avoids the congestion of the public roadways, and offers a seamless experience to the rider.

You may be charged a cancellation fee if:

•    A driver accepts your ride request and you decide to cancel the ride request after the grace period of 5 minutes or before the completion of waiting time (ETA of Vehicle to Pick-up location) whichever is lower.

•    You cancel the ride after it reaches the requested pick-up location

•    Your driver cancels after waiting for a minimum of 5 minutes at your pickup location

The cancellation fee is subjected to a maximum of 10% of the total fare not exceeding Rs. 100/-. 1. A cancellation fee, if charged, will be added to the total bill amount of your next Snap-E Cabs ride.

Similarly, if a driver cancels your ride after accepting a ride request (except for a reason with a valid degree of reasonability such as vehicle breakdown, or driver’s medical emergency), we will provide you a credit of 10% of the total fare not exceeding Rs. 100/- which shall be adjusted in your subsequent rides.

If a driver-side cancellation is made due to mechanical/electrical disorder or vehicle breakdown or in case of a medical emergency of the driver, the driver is not allotted any further rides for a minimum period of 6 hours after such cancellation is made.